Change Anyone?

In today’s world we hear and talk about “CHANGE” everyday! We hear that the world is changing, the climate is changing, businesses are changing, technology is changing and the list goes on! Even our personal lives are continuously changing – marriages, divorces, children, etc. There is so much change around us that we seem to have become desensitized to the actual change itself. Most of us just float under the change raincloud with an umbrella hoping to never get wet and feel the actual change. We are faced with a harsh reality when a strong wind blows our umbrella away and we get wet (or immersed by the change). It may feel like being pushed into the cold ocean without a life vest.

How we react to this experience is really our own decision. The question is “are you willing to change and adapt?” What if you decide to stay the same while everything around you continues to change? Will you survive amidst the change or become obsolete or irrelevant?

We are all faced with this question at some point in our lives. Do we change and adapt to our environment or do we wait until we know the end is near? Each of us deals with the topic of change very differently. Some of us love to change, others “fear the unknown” and stay with the known.

I live by mantra that “Change is good”, but also realize that when the change happens there is a period where I feel like I am in dark cloud and can’t see the big, beautiful, blue sky through the clouds. Sometimes we see past what is in front of us to see what we want.

It is important to remember that “the only constant around is change”. So expand your horizons, your thinking and figure out a way to learn from and deal with the change. You can control how to feel and react to the change or let the change control you. It is your choice.

So, what do you do?

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